Crowdfunding campaign for Amsterdam bar nears 15 thousand euros

A crowdfunding campaign that was created to save the historic Cafe de Druif on the Rapenburgerplein in Amsterdam has raised just shy of 15 thousand euros since it was created on March 4. ”That is around three months rent”, owner Ron van Drecht told the NL Times.

The campaign was initially created by a loyal customer unbeknownst to the owner, to help the bar weather the effects of the lockdown. By the time he found out about the fundraising campaign, 500 euros had already been collected.

Donations have poured in from all across the country, the two highest even reaching one thousand euros. Two others contributed five hundred euros, and four others gave two hundred euros.

De Druif is one of the oldest cafes in Amsterdam. The building itself has been standing since 1566. One unique quality about the cafe is that no music is played inside. This leads to ”very interesting encounters and conversations,” Van Drecht said.

“You learn that you never know who you have sitting in front of you”, he said.